Ruth Langsford Interview

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“Because Eamonn can’t cook, he thinks I am a domestic goddess. Now I’m worried I’ll find out I’m not that good!”


TV presenter Ruth Langsford, 50, reveals that the one room in the house where she can relax without any interference from husband-to-be Eamonn Holmes is the kitchen.


“The kitchen is absolutely my territory, and I am very lucky. Because Eamonn can’t cook, has no desire to cook, and never comes in and gets on my nerves because that would drive me mad!


“Eamonn is my biggest fan, which is slightly worrying in terms of this show. Because he tells everybody I am this fantastic cook. I only have to make him an omelette and he thinks I am a domestic goddess.


“Now I’m worried that, in front of millions of people, I’m going to find out I’m not as good as I thought I was!”


Having already met and interviewed the chef, on ITV’s This Morning, Ruth doesn’t believe that Marco’s Kitchen Burnout will be too explosive.


“There’s this myth that seems to follow him around that he shouts and is horrible. But if you watched him on Hell’s Kitchen with his pupils, he was actually very protective of them.


“It’s like he’s got his little chicks with him although he can be scary if you don’t pay attention. He goes very quiet and then you know you’re in trouble!”


Her biggest fear is cooking a three course meal for 25 diners.


“I am worried about feeding all those people on time, hot meals, cooked to perfection, under duress with Marco, one of the greatest chefs in the world looking over my shoulder. Now that scares me.


“Plus the one thing I can’t cook is steak. So what happens if they tell me that 25 people all want steak, and they all want it cooked differently!  I am just going to lie on the floor and cry!


“At home when we entertain, I would never put myself under that stress. I’d prepare a starter beforehand, and cook a casserole or a leg of lamb. Something that won’t spoil.”


Her dream dinner party, she says, is a casual supper with friends.


“My ideal guests would be Billy Connelly who I have never met. Not only because he’s hilarious, but because he is so well travelled and interesting. My best friend Sam because she is a fab cook and could help me. Dame Helen Mirren because she gives us women who don’t have Botox hope, that there are normal women out there over 50.  And of course Eamonn who is the funniest man I know.” 

Although even he doesn’t always make her laugh! Ruth admits that if her fiancé dares to enter her kitchen when she’s not there, it often ends in an argument.


“When Eamonn makes a sandwich it’s like we’ve been burgled by the fridge police because there’s ham left out going dry, the mustard jar with the top off, and buttery knives. 


“So I slam about tidying up saying, ‘I can’t believe the mess you made with one sandwich’, and he says, oh I was going to clear up in a minute. He’s like most men really.“


The one male, she does encourage, however, is their seven-year-old son Jack, who she is teaching to cook.


“I think mothers now have a moral duty to send their sons out into the world being able to cook at least two or three dishes. As soon as Jack hears me get the chopping board out, he asks if he can help. Although I still worry that he’s going to chop his fingers off!


“I’m very much a one pot casserole, shepherds pie cook. Quite traditional, and I do a good roast dinner. But I want to learn to cook other dishes, and who better to teach me than Marco.”


She has mixed feelings though about her number one fan.


“Eamonn is surprised that I am doing this show, because I normally avoid stress. But he is very proud of me for doing it. And he also totally believes in me, which is the other worry, especially if I am sent home in tears after round one!”




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