Nancy Dell’olio Interview

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“My therapist told me it would be good to do the show, because you never know what you can discover about yourself doing something like this.”


Italian businesswoman and lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio has no doubts who she would invite for her dream dinner party at her London home.


“My first guest would always be Tony Blair, always.  Also Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell, Alistair Campbell, Bill Clinton, perhaps. It’s not a dream dinner party though because these people are already friends of mine.”


So is Marco Pierre White, who she has known for several years.


“I don’t think this gives me an advantage over the other contestants. If anything, the fact that we are friends could play to my disadvantage, and I might have to try harder!


“It will be fun cooking with Marco, and being involved with food. Food is everything, it’s a central part of life, especially in my culture.”


For Nancy, being on a reality show is a totally new experience.


“I have never done anything like this in my life. I get asked to do so many things but I always say no. My psychotherapist told me it was a good thing for me to do. It’s a chance for me to learn something from Marco, but this is also a test for life. That’s why my therapist suggested, in a funny way, that you never know the things you can discover about yourself doing something like this.


“I am ready to get to know other sides of myself, and to show other sides of myself to people. 


“It will be a challenge but I don’t need to win.  It will be a test being surrounded by others in the kitchen, and will send out a message to people about who I am. So there are many positive aspects.


“I cope well under pressure because I am disciplined and determined. I know I will feel stressed at time, but that isn’t always a bad thing. I will try to be focused and not to get over emotional about things. And I am a more emotional person. I like to do things my way, so I can’t predict what is going to happen!”


Growing up in Italy, Nancy learned to make mouth-watering meat and pasta dishes from her mother and grandmother.


“I am not a great cook. I would describe myself as average, in the sense that I am familiar with the basics of food. “The sort of food I cook is very Mediterranean cuisine. Vegetables, chicken, fish, pasta . I can do a bit of everything. The way I eat is basic. Proteins and vegetables. I don’t like any rich sauces, I prefer to be healthy. Sometimes food in a restaurant is too rich. It’s important to find the right balance.”


Most of all, Nancy loves entertaining her famous friends at home.


“There is so much creativity that you can express in a kitchen. I have had some wonderful gastronomique experiences around the world.


“The best meal you can have is at always home. You can always cook something more special than you get in a restaurant.”


“It is much more intimate. Of course I have cooked meals that have gone wrong, or that are overcooked or burned. But not a major disaster, because usually when I have guests for dinner, I have someone in to help.”


What worries her the most about Marco’s Kitchen Burnout is going it alone in a hot busy restaurant kitchen where the pressure will be on.


“The challenge here to cook for 25 people in a professional kitchen is a first time for me. As soon as I walk into the kitchen, I am going to feel nervous. We don’t know what is going to happen next. It is going to be full of surprises.


“I am not a very competitive person. It is going to be tough, and there will be other contestants who are much better than me.


“And if it is necessary for Marco to shout at me, and I am doing something wrong, I will accept it, because you have to play the game, and I know how Marco is. “


Even in her chef’s whites Nancy, who looks fabulous in her forties, is determined to keep up her image with full make-up and jewellery.


“I will try and bring some glamour to the kitchen. Whether or not I manage it, you will have to judge. The kitchen is warm, and I am better in the cold that with the heat. But you get used to it, and I will try and stay as glamorous as possible.


“This for me is not just a test about food, it is a lot of other things. Most of all I am here to participate in the game.


“If I win, I might open up a restaurant with Marco. That would be fun.”





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