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“Practising for Marco’s Kitchen Burnout, I set my stove on fire cooking prawn pasta. That is not a good start, is it?”


Actor Alex Ferns, 41, makes no bones about it. He’s out to win!


“I always say that I’m not a competitive person but if I am being honest, I am. I’m the same with playing golf.  I want to win.


“So when I found out for sure I was going to do this, I said to my wife Jennifer, I’m going to make this prawn pasta dish. Yeah, I’m going to be great on this show.


“She went up to have a bath, our sons Cameron, seven and Mackenzie, three, were asleep in bed, and I poured myself a glass of wine while I started defrosting prawns at the sink.


“I walked into the living room, forgetting I’d left the empty wok with oil on the gas. And the next thing I know, there are flames in the pan, smoke everywhere, the alarms are going off, and I knock over one of our expensive wine glasses and smash it. Setting the kitchen on fire…not a good start is it!”


To date, his only TV role involving food has been as ‘soaps most-hated villain’ playing EastEnders wife-beater Trevor Morgan.


“Viewers might remember how I used to throw dinners at the wall. And then of course there was the time I poured gravy all over Little Mo’s Christmas dinner, shoved her face in it and made her eat it off the floor.


“Hopefully I am not going to be doing that in this kitchen, making Marco eat his food off the floor!”


Growing up in South Africa, Alex was taught to cook by his mother.


“I spent 17 years there, and the food is very Mediterranean. Lots of grilled meats, salads and fish. And obviously the South African version of the barbecue, called a braai is very popular.


“It’s a very healthy way of living. And like most hot countries you can eat salads most of the time. In this country when you wake up and it’s wet and miserable, the first thing you want is a cooked breakfast. That’s what I want anyway.”


At home, Alex tends to do much of the cooking.


“I like making pasta dishes – when I’m not burning them – and barbecuing and making huge salads.


“Jennifer is thrilled I am doing this show because I’m trying out all sorts of things, and she keeps waiting for my next new dish.”


At 18, he learned to live on rations for two years when he was called up for his national service in the South African army.


“We lived on rat packs – ration packs – when we were in the field, and on patrol. And when you came back to a secure base away from the front line, you’d have a big cooked Sunday meal. When you’re on operations, food can get scarce. But it’s definitely true that an army marches on its stomach.”


His favourite restaurant in the world, he says, is in Cape Town, where one of his army pals, cooked on the grills.


“The food is unbelievable. You go there and have a fillet steak, baked potato, lots of soured cream, huge salad and a lovely bottle of wine. That has to be my most memorable meal ever.”


He hopes to cook some memorable meals for the diners.


“My main worry is the pressure of cooking for 25 people. But way I look at is, none of them are going to die. If they don’t get fed, there are about 20 kebab shops within about ten feet of this place. So it’s not a life threatening crisis. But having said that I want to give them food that they will enjoy.


“My strengths are going to be improvisation. And if the proverbial hits the fan, then I am good at coping.


“My weakness is going to be puddings and presentation. But I will give it my best shot.


“I have loved Marco’s way of cooking since he was on Hell’s Kitchen. It’s simple, but well prepared, and looks good.”


He’s also changed his mind about the charismatic chef.


“First of all I thought he was very intimidating and aloof.  But I have had a couple of chats with the master, and he doesn’t want to humiliate us. He wants us to succeed, which is great. I don’t think I could have done this show if it was a case of showing everyone how bad you are.


“To walk away as the winner on this show…that would be a huge tick!””

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