Heat 4 – 7th May – Marco’s Kitchen Burnout

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This week the celebrities facing the ultimate cooking challenge are astrologer Russell Grant, TV presenter Carol Smillie and actor Alex Ferns.

As usual, they have 72 hours to prepare themselves before they must cook a full service for 25 diners each.
First Marco must judge how well they can cook. The trio travel with him to Longleat House in Wiltshire, home of Marco’s old friend, Lord Bath. After a short briefing from Marco, the celebrities are introduced to the Burnout food truck and given just five minutes to gather the ingredients they need for a meal.

Once they have what they need, they set about cooking a slap up lunch for Lord Bath and 18 of his friends. With just 90 minutes to prepare and cook the meal, the pressure is intense.

The celebrities begin the challenge, under the watchful eye of their mentor. They know that the outcome of this challenge could affect the rest of their time in the Burnout Kitchen.

Alex throws himself into the task but cuts himself twice within the first five minutes. Carol also feels the pressure as they prepare the meal under Marco’s gaze. Just as they are about to serve the food she spills the gravy.

On day two, the contestants enter the burnout kitchen. Marco wants them to design their menus, practice their dishes and present their food to him.
Outside the restaurant is the Burnout food truck which contains a limited selection of ingredients available for their menus. As usual, whoever goes first has a huge advantage.

The celebrities then prepare their dishes and present them to Marco. Carol and Russell fare well while Alex comes in for some criticism for his over-cooked steak and burnt parsnips.
On the morning of the service, the celebrities set about preparing everything in time for feeding that evening’s diners. The diners will be scoring the celebrities. Whoever receives the highest score will automatically go through to the semi-final. Marco will choose one of the remaining two to join them. As the diners arrive, Marco reveals to the celebrities that they can call upon his time if they get into trouble. But it will come at a cost – for every minute bought, a point will be deducted from their final score.

As service begins, Carol nips out to butter up her diners but misses her first soup orders as a result. She returns to the kitchen to find she has burnt two of her soups but sends them out anyway.

Russell’s main course begins with a disaster when one is sent back by a diner who complains that it looks ‘too grey’.

Alex has difficulty remembering what was supposed to be on his dishes, sending out several of them without vegetables or gravy. Desperate for votes he runs into the dining room and serves the diners himself.

The celebrities have all faced their own personal challenges throughout the service and wait nervously for the diner’s results to come in.

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