Aries Health & Fitness

Arians are energetic, courageous and often impulsive. Unwilling to wait around for things to happen, the Arian will rush in where Angels fear to tread. This could result in knocks and bruises and especially during their childhood years, injuries to the head.
Arians must learn to relax more and to avoid where possible drastic changes in their life. Otherwise they become sitting targets for high blood pressure in later life.
Ruled by Mars, this planet is associated with the muscles, sex glands and the red blood corpuscles. A diet rich in iron is essential for the Aries. This is an important mineral involved in the transportation of oxygen to the cells and in the formation of haemoglobin. Sources of iron and protein (another necessity for the Arian) are bran, egg yolks, haricot beans, shellfish, water cress and milk.
Iron is most beneficial when taken in conjunction with Vitaimin C which is found in lemons, oranges, blackcurrants, pineapple, cabbage and strawberries.

Some nutritionists believe that animal fats could contribute to hardening of the arteries and it is advisable for Arians to limit their intake of animal fats, using unsaturated fats instead.
Alcohol should also be taken only in moderation.

Aries on a diet:

If Aries finds they are overweight (which they are usually too active to be) then they would make the perfect slimmer. They take pride in their appearance, cannot bear criticism in any form and have the necessary willpower to stick to a rigid diet for however long it might take to get in trim.

Fitness tips:

Anything fast and sporty. Competitive sports appeal. Also wrestling, fencing and the martial arts.

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