Taurus Health & Fitness

The patient, placid and practical Taurus has developed a reputation for enjoying food. They will not rush over their meals and they’re therefore likely to come low on the list of those who suffer from indigestion. Even so there is a strong possibility especially among older Taureans, of them putting on more weight than is actually good for them.
Taureans should be aware of the recommended weight for their particular height and build.
Their ruling planet Venus is associated with the thyroid glands. Iodine is an essential for the production of the thyroid hormone. Good sources of this can be found in seafood, shell fish, seaweed and kelp.
As Venus is also associated with the kidneys, it might be well to remember that too much red meat tends to be hard on the kidneys.
Chlorine, found in lettuce, salt, tomatoes and celery helps prevent water retention.

Taurus on a diet:

Despite being known for their incredible patience, when it comes to dieting, Taureans do struggle. Taureans love their food and they find it hard to do without the things they love. They can become irritable if denied these things. If criticised they will take it to heart and diet for a few days but unfortunately they are soon tempted and the diet has a habit of coming to an abrupt halt!
Taurus would find it easier to slim if they have someone else to slim with and encourage them.

Fitness tips:

Dancing, aerobics and any regular form of exercise where they can work at their own pace. Taureans will love a regular massage and saunas will help expel toxicity from their systems.

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