Gemini Health & Fitness

Geminis are prone to bronchial ailments and accidents largely to the arms or legs. Surprisingly often when they feel unwell this occurs when they are a little down or unhappy.

Their nerves are sensitive and it is important to fight any negative moods as this can make them feel ill. Geminis need Vitamin B and regular rest. It is also important for them to keep their limbs supple to help prevent later rheumatism.
Proteins found in beef, lamb, ham, liver, kidneys, venison, yoghurt, milk and almonds are important to Geminis who are always on the go. Because Mercury, their ruler, is associated with the parathyrin which controls the way the body assimilates Calcium, Calcium is also an essential need in the Gemini’s diet. Good sources are: cheese (hard varieties such as Swiss and cheddar), milk, sesame seeds and shrimps.

Gemini on a diet:

Geminis are usually slim. When they do put on extra weight they find it hard to take their diet seriously. They want to diet but their lively personality enjoys variety and fun and it’s difficult to find the willpower to diet.
Crash diets fall flat. Geminis tend to be nervous people and this helps them burn off a few pounds in nervous energy!

Fitness tips:

Aerobics, swimming, running, dancing, squash and yoga.

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