Cancerian Health & Fitness

Those born under the sign Cancer tend to have marked sways in emotions and will be known for the frequent emotional ups and downs. The Moon which rules this Water sign is associated with the digestive system and the back pituitary gland which controls the amount of water in the body.

When they are nervous or upset, it is usually the stomach area which is the first to show complaint through indigestion or heartburn. Ulcers could be the result of nervous tension which brings the necessity for regular, relaxed mealtimes.
Whenever on a diet, the Cancerians should limit their intake of water whilst if concerned about putting on too much weight, decreasing their intake of salt could help.
The stomach is the area of the body ruled by Cancer, suggesting such ailments as indigestion, ulcers, heartburn and diarrhoea. Cancerians should therefore include Vitamins B2 and B3 in their diet for these help in the breakdown of food. They can be found in cottage cheese, milk, mushrooms, yoghurt, chicken, peanuts and salmon.

Cancer on a diet:

Cancerians put on weight very easily. They might go on and off diets on a regular basis but never very seriously unless it is recommended for health reasons. They like parties and can sometimes be heavy drinkers. Being naturally romantic, the best incentive Cancerians can have to lose weight is being in love!

Fitness tips:

Swimming, dancing, boxing and team exercises.

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