Leo Health & Fitness

It is not altogether surprising that in medical astrology the heart is associated with the optimistic, warm-hearted and lovable Leo. However, their generous, enthusiastic, hard-working qualities can take a toll and this could be in the heart region, bringing such signs as chest pains, heart and cardiac problems and palpitations.
Leo is a hard-working sign but they must be careful not to ‘over-do’. Relaxation is important and they need to find a happy balance between work responsibilities, domestic commitments and their need for exercise and quiet times in order to meditate.
Overwork causes stress and stress can affect the heart. Therefore Leos must include times of relaxation in their very busy agendas!
Their ruling planet the Sun is associated with the thyroid gland and the front pituarity gland. Essential, therefore, to the Leos diet is iodine, found in shellfish and seafood and Manganese found in apricots, parsley and walnuts.
Protein as found in milk, cheese, eggs and meat and Potassium sources such as bananas, jacket potatoes and spinach can also be beneficial to the Leo’s health.

Leos on a diet:

Weight can be a problem for those born under the sign Leo. Moderation should be the key word in all aspects of life. Leos may have the excuse of being large-boned as not being always successful when it comes to dieting. They are conscious of looking good and they don’t like to be criticised. At the same time they can consume large amounts of food and drink!
The best way for a Leo to diet is to join a weight-watchers group. They need to have praise when they are doing well and to feel proud of their efforts and to compare themselves with those who aren’t as successful!

Fitness tips:

Leos should include regular trips to the gymnasium or health club in their daily routine.

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