Virgo Health & Fitness

Having quite a sensitive nature, digestive upsets are a common Virgo complaint, nevertheless their awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet, regular exercise and rest and this encourages a generally healthy and active lifestyle.
Ruled by Mercury, Virgos can at times find themselves suffering from stress-related illnesses. They desperately need enough rest and emotional balance. They should avoid mental strain and nervous exhaustion.
Virgos live on their nerves and can thrive only in harmonious situations. A lot of Virgo’s problems can be related to stress.
Virgos generally have a strong constitution but they do have a tendency to worry a lot. Vitamin B complex should be included in the Virgo’s diet especially B1 which is of benefit to the nervous system and can be found in rolled oats, lamb’s liver and haricot beans. Also Vitamin B12 found in cheese, eggs, milk and soya beans.

Virgos on a diet:

Virgos make the perfect slimmer although they rarely need to lose weight! They are conscientious in all things, taking pride in their appearance. They will enjoy regular exercise and they don’t find it hard to summon up the necessary discipline needed to improve their eating habits.
As is so often the case, those who are less likely to need to diet, would find it the easiest to do so!

Fitness tips:

Cycling and long walks in the great outdoors.

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