Libra Health & Fitness

The area of the body associated with the sign Libra is the kidneys suggesting ailments centred around this region such as kidney stones, kidney infections or a weak bladder.
Preventative measures would be the inclusion of both chlorine and the Libran’s cell salt Sodium Phosphate in the diet. These both help regulate the balance of acid and alkali in the blood. These can be found in celery, lettuce, salt, tomatoes, apples, beets, carrots, corn and strawberries.
Veins, circulation and the parathyroid glands related to Venus, the Libran’s ruling planet are other possible weak areas. Recommended dietary needs to keep such areas in good working order are: Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Cooper which can be found in cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cheese, oranges, milk, eggs, peas and green leafy vegetables.
Librans enjoy light sports and dancing, such pursuits being beneficial to their physical health. Overdoing things, perhaps leading to nervous strain, should also be avoided whenever possible.
Yoga is often recommended for Librans as this will help them find relaxation through inner peace and meditation.

Librans on a diet:

Some Librans are small and neat in appearance; others are large to obese. Generally speaking, they are happy with the way they are. Their figure, like their personality, swings on the balance from high to low. Librans don’t seem to mind either way. They will go along with a diet at times but if they felt they were offending someone by refusing a large mean, they would eat!

Fitness tips:

Join a health club which offers saunas, massages and facials after work-outs.

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