Scorpio Health & Fitness

Scorpios often push themselves to their limits, giving their all in everything they do. However in their willingness to meet challenge, they should also be prepared to take suitable periods of relaxation and sleep to avoid physical or mental exhaustion
This of course is rather extreme and Scorpios, in general, are known to have basically strong constitutions.
Medical astrology associates the reproductive organs with this sign. Bladder infections and hernias are problems most represented by Scorpio whilst Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars is related to: rheumatism, skin infections angina, tonsillitis and high blood pressure.
Vitamin C and Iron would be beneficial when included in the Scorpio’s regular diet. Sources of these are: cherries, grapefruit, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tangerines, bran and sunflower seeds.
Cutting down on red meat and saturated fats could also have favourable results on the Scorpio’s general health.
The key to a healthy, happy lifestyle is moderation and for Scorpios to stop worrying. If they can avoid emotional upsets, eat carefully and exercise regularly they will be healthier for it.

Scorpio on a diet:

Scorpios do tend to grow fat as they grow older. They will probably diet regularly throughout life but losing weight isn’t always easy. During those times when they feel chubby they can be impossible to live with. Once they make up their minds however, Scorpios have a determined nature, and they will lose weight whatever it takes.

Fitness tips:

Team games, boxing, swimming, yoga and martial arts.

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