Sagittarius Health & Fitness

Sagittarius is a generally active, healthy and adventurous sign. Relating to their ruling planet Jupiter are illnesses such as hardening of the arteries, indigestion, diabetes, exczema and pneumonia.

In their diet, sweet foods and alcohol should be limited. Food containing Sulphur, found in cheese, nuts, fish, chicken and eggs would be beneficial. Chlorine, found in lentils and wheatgerm could help combat such illnesses as hardening of the arteries.
Sources of the beneficial Vitamin D are cod liver oil, eggs, salmon and sunshine – and what Sagittarian is going to complain about the latter method of improving health!
A love of good food and wine may, if not curbed, lead to weight or liver problems.
However through their basically healthy interest in out-doors, sport and exercise, and being blessed by lucky Jupiter, as long as Sagittarius avoids over-indulgence in their enjoyment of food, and over-confidence in matters of risky sport, they should lead a generally healthy and active lifestyle.
Sagittarians are naturally strong, healthy, sporty types. Even so they have a tendency to rheumatism, arthritis, muscle strain and injuries. Leaping before looking doesn’t help either!

Sagittarius on a diet:

Using up so much nervous energy, Sagittarians are seldom overweight. Those Sagittarians who need to diet will find it hard because they need r food for energy and usually have irregular eating habits.

Fitness tips:

Sagittarians rarely need a lot of encouragement to get physical. They should make regular exercise a part of their daily life.

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