Capricorn Health & Fitness

These slow yet tenacious and hardworking individuals are ruled by Saturn, the planet relating to the bones, nails and skin. Illnesses associated with their ruling planet are: arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia and epilepsy. The sign Capricorn is most associated in medical astrology with diseases of the bones and joints and digestive and circulation disorders.
Rest, uninterrupted meals and a peaceful home life are essential to Capricorn’s well-being.
Recommended to be included in the Capricorn’s diet would be Calcium, the sources of which include: milk, sesame seeds, shrimps and yoghurt as well as a good variety of vitamins, minerals and protein to encourage good health and combat the effects of Saturn which could at times interfere with the smooth running of the body.

Capricorn on a diet:

Capricorns are generally slender and rarely need to diet. When they do diet, it will be with military keenness. They don’t enjoy food as much as other Sun Signs but they will have to guard against a liking for drink! Capricorns usually burn up weight very easily and should therefore include regular exercise in their daily routine.

Fitness tips:

Capricorns are vulnerable to knee injuries. They might enjoy regular work-outs in the gym.

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