Capricorn Food Horoscope

88579794-pineappleCapricorn – Quality is what counts rather than quantity when it comes to Capricorn’s preferences in food. They will prefer to eat healthily and will probably count calories. They will generally go for meals that are simple and unpretentious. Once they have their favourites they will stick with these and may even have a particular meal for each day of the week!

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  • hayley withers says:

    have too say that must be so far from the truth with regards myself and my son who also happens to be a capricorn. . i love spicy food which includes indian , mexician and my son insists on having jalpeonoes on everything! so for the simple and un pretentious thing , not happening! i will try most things unless i know i dont like and they dont like me so please dont catorise as we all have different ascendants and different up bringings as you well know, i am not a typical capricorn , but then who is
    ps. do love your astrology and how accurate it isxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • hsyley says:

    hi russell, not sure as a capricorn that i appreciate how boring we are with food .! personally i love indian and mexican plus thai and italian all varied and not simple! my son who is also a capricorn loves his jalpenoes and indian at 12 which i think is cool , i must be honest we are not typical capricorns , but then who is?

  • Cathy says:

    Hi Russell

    Yes you are right. I count the calories, hate garlic, love Sunday roast and do tend to stick with what I know, cant eat anything named after an organ like, heart, liver etc. Dont like thing like snails, frog legs, squid. Like simple food, but do like curry, etc.

    Good luck with Kitchen burnout x

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