Elen Rives Interview

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“I am not scared of Marco. If he shouts at me, I will shout at him!”


Spanish model Elen Rives, 35, makes it quite clear how she intends to handle the legendary chef if tempers reach boiling point in the kitchen.


“I am not scared of Marco. If he shouts at me, I will shout at him. But I am not big-headed. If he tells me I am not doing something right, then I will say, tell me how to do it then. I want to learn.”


The former WAG first met Marco a few years ago when she was still married to Chelsea football star Frank Lampard. The couple are no longer together.


“Marco was in our house, helping us to plan out a menu for Christmas because we had a lot of people coming for dinner and didn’t want to be in the kitchen. So we hired Marco’s people to do it for us.


“We chose what we wanted to eat, and one of his chefs came and cooked. And Marco came to check that everything was okay.”


She admits she hasn’t watched the chef in action on TV.


“But after he came to our house, I met him in one of his restaurants. Also Marco had a Spanish wife, and his children are half Spanish like mine. So we have a little bit in common.“


Elen was brought up to be adventurous about food and has raised her daughters Luna Coco, four and Isla two, to be the same.


“I just remember when I was seven or eight, frying things up in a pan. I was always cooking.


“I grew up in Barcelona working in a huge market in the Ramblas where my mother was a butcher. 


“So from a young age I was helping out cleaning chickens inside out, skinning rabbits and cutting meat. I will eat anything. Heart, liver, kidneys tongue and even intestines.”


“I love my kitchen and preparing good meals for my kids and friends. I cook when I am happy. All sorts of food. Arabic, Italian and Spanish.


“Hopefully I will pick up lots of tips from Marco. I want to know more about herbs and how to make sauces.  As long as I know what I am cooking, and how to do it, I don’t mind. I can multi task and am energetic. So if I am told to cook six of one dish or five of another, that won’t worry me.”


Towards the end of last year, Elen travelled to South Africa to take part in some charity work for a TV show.


“I was there for two weeks working with homeless kids and children with HIV. While I was there I cooked for 63 kids, mainly chicken stew and vegetables. It was upsetting but I am strong, so I was able to handle it.”


Far more frightening that any cooking challenge in Marco’s kitchen, will be appearing on prime time television.


“I hate cameras. I am more terrified of them than of cooking.  So I am not used to the fact that people will recognise me.


“This is a huge challenge for me, and if I win, it would be great if it led to a new career.  I have never done anything like this in my life and I see this as a fresh start. “ 







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