Aquarius Health & Fitness

Aquarians live life to the full and sometimes exhaust themselves in doing so. They punish their bodies by pushing themselves too hard.
They usually do well when living in harmony but when worried or distressed, physical reactions are quick. Luckily their powers of recuperation are good.
Aquarians often have an interest in homeopathic medicine and natural healing methods. They suffer from circulatory problems, never seeming to find a happy medium. They might feel too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer!
Related to their ruling planet Uranus are illnesses such as neuralgia, cramps, eye afflictions and accidents in general. The Aquarius can also be prone to varicose veins.
Necessary in the Aquarian’s diet are both Calcium and Vitamin D found in milk, cheese, olives, eggs, herrings and mackerel. Vitamins B1, B6 and B15 found in brazil nuts, muesli, bananas and chicken help to assist in the smooth running of the nervous system.

Aquarius on a diet:

The reason Aquarians don’t like to diet is because they love eating and drinking, especially if this include socialising too! They put weight on easily but they are aware of their appearance and will rarely let themselves go, too much!

Fitness tips:

It is important for Aquarians to keep moving as they are prone to arthritic conditions.

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